Life is good at the depot site!

Romain Tartese | 14 Dec 2019

Hi there,

Quick update from the field, or rather the spot where Katie and Julie ended last season meteorite trip. Taff and myself flew from Halley yesterday morning to the depot site, via this year’s meteorite search site. After having dropped some cargo close to where we are going to search for the lost meteorites, pilots Dutch and Mark dropped us at last year’s depot site. There we dug out everything that Julie and Katie left behind, so that we can ferry all of this to the new site about 100 km west. We got a first load, including a skidoo (which is interesting to try to fit on a Twin Otter), shipped to this year’s site last night, and Dutch and Mark came back this morning to load a second cargo. I believe the guys that have been in the field at the new site for a week now were pretty pleased to see an aircraft stop by!

Digging last year’s depot [Credit: R. Tartese]. [Note from Katie: the green objects are two skidoos covered by tarpaulins]

This afternoon after having finished setting up the camp and digging everything out, we went out for a little bimble with Taff to the closest blue icefield just underneath the nunatak that pop out on the horizon. And it was simply gorgeous, it’s hard to describe how surreal this place is! We may be on our own for a few days now before we can finish transferring all the stuff to the new site, because the weather, which has been very good so far, is meant to turn cloudy and foggy. Let’s hope it’s not too bad and we can still explore the area around us. Hopefully in a few days we’ll have all our kit and ourselves at the new site, and Katie sent over from Halley, so that we can start searching for the buried meteorites!

Camp set up at last year’s depot [Credit: R. Tartese]

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