Update from 218

Romain Tartese | 18 Dec 2019

Hi there, a few words from 218 — which is the British Antarctic Survey name for the depot site where we have been with Taff for a few days now. A few flights are still needed to bring south some more fuel and finish moving us and some kit to 119 — the site where the boys are about 100 km East, and where we want to deploy the metal detector arrays (in addition to flying Katie down from Halley). I have heard that they have found a few meteorites on the surface there yesterday — well done guys!

Weather has been mostly sunny at 218 except on Monday, so we have been exploring the surroundings a bit with Taff, going back to some ice fields Katie and Julie reconned last year. We believe we have found a few small meteorites, in the ice field closest to where we are camping. 🙂 Unfortunately we had snow a couple of nights ago, so the blue ice fields we drove to yesterday were covered by a fine layer of snow, making spotting meteorites impossible. But nevermind, driving around this amazing landscape was fabulous!

Short break for weather observations. [Credit: R. Tartese]

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