Half the team is back at Rothera

— Romain Tartese | 10 Jan 2020

Hi there, quick update to let you know that Wouter, Geoff and myself have made it back to Rothera yesterday evening. On Wednesday evening we were told that the plane was coming to uplift the first 3 people the next day, so it was all a bit of a mad rush to move camp from the blue ice a few kilometres up to the skiway where the plane is able to land. Fortunately we had already started packing some of the kit away — all in all we finished setting up camp at the skiway at around 3am Thursday!

Packing up camp on the edge of the blue icefield [Credit: R. Tartese]

Pilot Dave and co-pilot Tom arrived around mid-day to pick us up, and soon we were on our way to Rothera. Flying north we had great views over the Shackleton Range — there are loads of blue ice areas there (see photo below), who knows how many meteorites are sitting there at the surface waiting to be picked up…

Flying north over the Shackleton Range [Credit: R. Tartese]

Antarctica being Antarctica, soon after having passed the Shackleton Range we diverted to Halley rather than Rothera as the weather had degraded over the ice shelf. It was nice to spend a last night in Halley (huge thanks to all the folks there for all their help throughout this project!), and we did make the most of hot shower, which was more than welcome after 4-5 weeks in the field!

We finally managed to get back to Rothera yesterday evening after a nice day flying over the Ronne Ice Shelf and up the Peninsula. Katie and Taff are still in the field, and should be picked up in the coming days. In the meantime, there is a fair bit of laundry to do, sorting out the science kit and getting things ready for being shipped North, and getting some rest!

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